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Minister for Families Manuela Schwesig said sexist jokes were "unacceptable". A Green MP also backed Ms Behrends. Gesine Agena, the Greens' spokesperson on women's issues, said she had also heard "daft language" from male politicians. Sexism "is experienced by many women politicians", she said - though the Greens, unlike the CDU, have a 50-50 quota rule for men and women on their party lists. Backlash from women Ms Behrends, a 26-year-old lawyer, said she had experienced "party-wide solidarity" since publishing her "Dear Party" letter on her blog (in German) . Dear party, we need to talk... about how you treat women and how you're gambling away your future Jenna Behrends Getty Images However, she lashed out at the flights to hawaii from lax CDU's Women's Union for "shutting itself off" and addressing her complaint "internally, at senior level". The union deals with women's issues in the party. According to Ms Behrends, some of the CDU women members characterised her as "hungry for promotion" and "ambitious to get elected to chair the Women's Union herself". The union's leader, Sandra Cegla, was quoted as saying Ms Behrends was intimate with Peter Tauber, the CDU's Secretary General and a top aide to Chancellor Angela Merkel. Quoted by German news website Der Spiegel, Mr Tauber said "I got acquainted with Jenna Behrends and we flirted, but quickly I realised that we would remain friends, no more than that".

Sen. Tim Kaine will lead a roundtable with faith leaders in Orlando Monday to kick off the program aimed at boosting turnout among Latinos, who overwhelmingly back Hillary Clinton over her rival Donald Trump but have historically turned out in lower numbers than white or black voters. In Virginia, Iowa, Florida, Nevada and North Carolina, Clinton campaign organizers will descend upon Latino churches and encourage parishioners to register to vote during Domingos de Accion Sundays of action. They will also encourage the faithful to vote early, organizing carpools to in-person voting sites in the coming weeks. The campaign plans to deploy its surrogates to fan out to Latino churches as well. The program seeks to replicate the success of Souls to the Polls a program among African-American churches that organizes buses to take parishioners to the polls after church services in states that allow early voting. A greater share of black voters cast their ballots via early in-person voting than any other ethnic group . In 2012, more than a quarter of all voters cast their ballots either in person or via mail before Election Day, and that share is expected to grow this year. Two-thirds of all states allow early voting, including crucial swing states like Iowa, North Carolina, Nevada and Florida. (In Florida, half of all ballots in 2012 were case before Election Day.) North Carolinas state legislators attempted to quash early Sunday voting this year but were blocked by a federal court. Domingos de Accionis a call to action for members of the Latino faith community toeducate, register, andmobilizevoters everySundayleading up to Election Day, Lorella Praeli,the Clinton campaigns Latino Vote Director, said in a statement.